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How did i manipulated myself to manage to do that? @InBedWithOcean Protocol of the experiment

How did we think about it?

In this experimental performance, we aim to obtain a precise final behaviour associated with a precise universe. The objective is to reach orgasm through a cyberesthesic relationship with the ocean.

Currently, we are able - experimenters and humans - to obtain an orgasm, to date our sexual response is functional. We do not fantasize about the oceanic universe, and we are free of cyberspace relationships.

In order to achieve this performance, we decided to structure the most favorable situation for obtaining an orgasm by cyberesthesic relationship with an ocean, by creating an environment that constrains the stimulus-response association, i.e. an environment focused on the development of the desired behavior, by immersion, intimacy, or the creation of a climate inhibiting the neocortex involved in intellectual activity (freedom in the choice of posture, feeling of security, progressive extinction of the screen).

The main intrinsic motivator of motivation for the experimental task is induced in the experience and research in themselves, since they are intended to obtain sexual and sensual pleasure.

  1. The experience brings pleasure in itself

  2. Searching brings pleasure

  3. Discovering is fun

  4. Success brings pleasure

The other associated reinforcers are immersive, and refer to sexuality, technology-assisted sensuality, but also situational in terms of the roles adopted by the experimenters in the performance.

"One of the "strange" phenomena generated by connected cybersex devices is what I have called: "nooesthesia". Cybersex networked interaction devices are relatively brief systems in terms of physical stimulation mainly based on vibration, or electrical stimulation synchronized with real-time 3D representations. My cognitive system reacts very differently depending on whether they are in "automatic" mode, activated only by computers, or in "remotely operated" mode by another human. The "sensual" effectiveness of electrical and mechanical stimuli is increased tenfold if we know that it is a human being who determines the intensity and type of stimulation. For the brain, the "meaning" of the stimulus changes, so does the effect."

Yann Minh

It will therefore be interesting to test these two experimental conditions: in real Time in automatic mode, and in remotely operated mode by another human. It is possible that this effect is induced by our metacognitions related to the human sexual association → if this is the case, metaprogramming could perhaps enable us to obtain similar results without teleoperation but in "automatic" mode if attempted so that we associate the ocean with an autonomous living entity, and singular in its expression.

The conception of sexual response, linked to cyberspace relations, can be of two kinds:

  1. the sexual response is carried out by association stimuli→ response, i.e. the oceanic immersive medium via technology leads to orgasm.

  2. The sexual response is done by imitation, i.e. the avatar involved in the immersive RV + the human voice, leads to orgasm.

The success of this performance will be evaluated on scales of satisfaction, emotional, physical and written feedback, it will therefore concern the behaviours produced: sexual response, and emotion, the development of the fantasy produced: imaginary, ability to harmonize with the ocean, and subjective experience of the experience.

Obviously this is a subjective feedback, and the reproducibility of the experience is questionable, since it depends on many factors. But this first work could serve as a basis, for a broader project, for an increased sensuality and the possibility of extending the capacities of cyberesthesic relations to the general public, thanks to the construction of a specific protocol.

How I manipulated myself ?

Within the framework of our experimental cyberesthesia project, we have chosen to use a double conditioning that responds and operates, in order to promote the chances of success of the project, and to induce the desired behaviour (sexual response): an orgasm + subjective feeling of relationship with the ocean.

Indeed, most learning theories recognize three main variables in the process: the stimulating environment, the organism being stimulated and the behaviour or response of the organism as a result of the stimulation.

This gives the diagram: S → O → → R .

S = the stimulus from the environment, in this case the interpretation of ocean data in vibration pattern (TR) and their transmission via a sextoy.

O = the person with his or her internal individual characteristics, in this case the experimenters/guinea pigs, which includes our personality, motivation, intelligence in the broad sense, capacities in terms of sexual responses, and phantasmagorical capacities.

R = the individual's behaviour or response to the stimulation.

For this we will use reinforcers, which will allow us to increase and maintain a reaction, here sexual excitement and the oceanic imagination, as well as a behavior, orgasm.

1st phase : The conditioning responding upstream

The objective is to create a conditioned reflex. The enhancer (ocean noise) precedes and provokes the behaviour.

Now suppose we take another stimulus: the sound of water, which has no influence on sexual arousal. And suppose we played this audio track just before we switched on the sextoys (SI) in the experimenter's body. Each time the audio track is combined with the excitation, it is said that a reinforcing effect occurs. In other words, the experimenter tries to reinforce, or accentuate, the close relationship between ocean noise and sexual arousal. After many such reinforcements, the audio track alone will cause sexual excitement. The objective is to build a new reaction called the conditioned reflex.

The goals of this kind of manipulation ?

  1. Familiarization with the oceanic universe

This step will allow us to select the characteristics of the Ocean "object" for mental representation purposes. And to immerse yourself in the oceanic universe, in order to create a feeling of intimacy with the sound of the ocean and an emotional effect, a kind of "Madeleine de Proust" that would physically reflect feelings of comfort and let go.

Releasing is an absolutely essential ability to obtain an orgasm, any stressful universe, indirectly leads us to use our cortex, the intellectual, the rational. During an orgasm, the release phase leads to a kind of unconsciousness, a modification of space-time, a modification of sensory perceptions. An endearing, reassuring universe, like a room at room temperature, reassuring elements, and associated sounds can make it easier for us to enter this phase.

Technique: 8 hours of Underwater sounds during sleep

2. Reinforcement of sexual response with the creation of a conditioned reflex

The objective here is to facilitate orgasm and the experience of sexuality with a moving entity such as the ocean by creating an excitation reflex and a phantasmagorical universe around it. Through the presentation of the audio stimulus, we want to trigger a sexual desire, masturbation, or sexual intercourse. In addition, it allows us to symbolize in writing a relationship with the ocean.

Our Technique : Listening to oceanic sound + male voice, fantasy and first tactile contact + pause waiting + frustration generates a strong desire + masturbation & orgasms

3. Modification of consciousness, metaprogramming & Stimulation of the imagination

Explanation of the metaprogramming in Sensory Isolation Box

In the context of pre-experimental conditioning, we rely on the work of Lilly John, who gives us a tool - the CIS - and a method for developing and using non-ordinary states of consciousness. In conditions of sensory isolation in a box, in order to expand our state of consciousness, to modify the incorporated program related to sensuality and sexuality and extend it to non-tangibles universes.

"the incorporated programs have the particularity of not being easy to dislodge areas of unconsciousness in our psyche. So the first work consists in causing an expansion of consciousness, which will push said consciousness to travel into the darkest corners of the body's boundaries, where programs are buried."

Paul Gérôme, Ibid., pp. 130-131.

It will therefore be a metaprogramming of our central system, in order to modify the very conception of reality and to allow us to modify our belief system, by acting directly on metacbeliefs.

"This is a creative act of reality that underlies the conceptions of systems of magic, witchcraft and shamanism."

Metaprogramming, making it possible to carry out this operation of modifying metacbeliefs, requires a suitable place: a sensory isolation chamber, a discipline adapted to the objective, here it will be a question of adding to our fantasies the representation of the ocean as a potential "sexual partner", and of building a ritual around metaprogramming.

As advised by E.J. Gold, the chamber will be considered as a point of entry and exit into and out of the material universe, a bridge of entry and exit into our deep self and inner states of consciousness. (J. Lilly & E.J. Gold, op. cit., pp. 98-100.)

How are we going to process : the operating conditioning

In the conditioning operating a response is increased or decreased by the events that follow it. In this type of packaging, the subject acts "in order to". The events that follow the response and whose consequence is to increase this response are called reinforcers. Unlike conditioned stimuli that emit a specific class of responses in the responding condition, a enhancer is any stimulus (i.e., non-specific) that increases the strength of any response.

The reinforcing property is not intrinsic to the stimulus but rather to its effect on the response. (Reese).

Operating conditioning consists in presenting positive reinforcers or removing negative reinforcers in contingency to a response in order to increase the frequency of this response which always precedes them.

The reinforcements used

In our research,

the negative reinforcers are:

surrounding noises, the presence of a third person, too bright light, the objective being to be as close as possible to an environment that allows the neocortex to be on standby, and to encourage abandonment and letting go.

The positive reinforcers are:

a human voice (masc./fem.) with a warm, hypnotic speech and voice and with a lexical field mixing ocean + sexuality. (Shaping and Chaining)

The immersive universe: VR headphones, 360° audio, connected sextoys, haptic jackets or bath. (Shaping and Chaining)

Shaping and Chaining

Shaping therefore consists in successively reinforcing any approximate behavior that can lead to the desired final behavior, in our case, technological shaping aims to create an immersive effect conducive to orgasm.

Here the male/female voice in parallel with the audio track corresponding to the sounds of waves, or water, or the creation of an avatar in the VR, aims to trigger sexual excitement, promote lubrication and stimulate the imagination, using our mirror neurons.

Chaining, response chains are behaviours that are successively called each other. These are behaviours that, once installed, acquire the character of automatisms.

Response chains are useful in life because by making routine tasks automatic, they free our minds for more complex tasks.

The objective is therefore to create a chain of technological response technology → body, in order to gradually free the mind from its technological hold and thus promote abandonment, and the production of phantasmagorical imagination in order to achieve orgasm.

Being inside oneself (in listening to one's sensations) while in the presence of technology is exactly the same principle for achieving orgasm between humans: being inside oneself in the presence of the other, while using the other/ technology as an enhancer of sexual response mechanisms.

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