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Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac !

About Me.

I am absolutely passionate to all technologies related to intimacy and imagination, since 5 years I am working in this specific fields, and step by step I made a name in the industry through various projects. 

Some projects are funny, some are serious and some have the vocation to become the next unicorn ! 

Most of people are afraid of technology when it is related to sexuality and love, but technology can revigorate your relation and make your nights and days an ultimate playground, they are just tools ! We have the choice to choose between the dystopia and the utopia, and this choice goes with supporting, creating tech-product that free us and are in line with our values and ethics ! 

So, let's have a look together....


PussyTalk, was a fun non-commercial project that we made with Aurelien Fache. Our goal ? Being able to receive our SMS

inside our genitals with morse code ! 

GPSex, highway to get joy ! 

Another non-commercial project that was created to let you 

enjoy the use of GPS, finally ! Let you guide by the vibrations ! 

In Bed With Ocean, was probably my most amazing research of my life, the question started easy ' can we have sex with Ocean ?' After 8 months of work... the answer is YES ! 

This project is a unique approach to sensuality and poetic, 

even so it requires technology, the buggest part was link to psychology and the reprogramation of my erotic imprints, 

I recommand you to Watch the documentary on it : BRUTx - Sexploration Ep.2 or read my articles about it... before having any fast judgement. 

Imbue, is the first educational erotic game in VR for couples ! 

I moved in Barcelona, to focus on this idea and provide couples an extraordinary solution to break the routine and enhance their sex life, exploring a journey through sensuality, intimacy and sexuality ! 

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